Testimonial Central Alberta Flooring

To Whom it may concern,

Central Alberta Flooring would like to thank Phil Duncan of Pendragon Solutions for their help in the completion our SECOR certification, early 2020.

Phil was able to connect Central Alberta Flooring to work with his partner Kirstie Duncan; Pendragon’s  safety specialist.

Kirstie is an invaluable source of knowledge and experience when it comes to Safety systems and company operations. She provided extensive knowledge needed to implement our safety program, helped get our company current with Alberta Health and Occupational Safety legislation and requirements, and was instrumental during our entire SECOR application.

If you are a small business owner and struggling with your business development, your safety programs and implementation I recommend you reach out to Phil at Pendragon Solutions, he can help!


Gerry Hodgson

Owner / Q.A. Manager

Central Alberta Flooring