Helping Others

Over the last few years, from the oil crisis to the pandemic, Pendragon Solutions has noticed a new and frankly heart-warming trend emerge in the booking of our services. It could be the impact of ‘Support Local’ on community well-being, or a growing understanding by businesses of the importance of looking after their employees. It’s possibly a desire to help invest in the struggling younger generations or perhaps it is simply self-preservation through giving back.

No matter what the reason, the result is the same. A huge increase in people and companies purchasing business development consults or efficient assessments as a gift to others!

Is this something you are interested in doing? The feedback both from those gifting the session to those receiving it has been fantastic. True appreciation, gratitude, feel good and ‘so helpful ‘ being the overwhelming responses.

So who have we seen this mainly apply to?

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Suppliers and Clients

Sometimes you and your business are doing fine and you don’t any need direct help at this time. However if other critical businesses to you are struggling then it won’t be long before their problems impact your business too. This could be a small supplier who provides you with a crucial product or service that will be tricky or expensive to replace, or an important client whose sales you rely on. You don’t have to stand by whilst they struggle. Recommend Pendragon Solutions and help them by paying for an hour or two of a consultation for them. We help them with their business and you retain them as a hugely grateful supplier or client.

New Graduates

New Graduates

Moving from education to employment is a shock to the system at any age and a small amount of down to earth knowledge about how business really works given at the right time, can go a long way and have a serious positive impact. On top of that, mainly due to the pandemic, many traditional ‘9-5’ jobs, especially entry level ones have dried up. This has encouraged many young people to become entrepreneurs and start their own businesses. However with more than half of new start ups failing within the first five years, success is not guaranteed. As such, it is no surprise that we have seen lots of families and friends gift business consults to young people important to them, helping set them up for success. Is there a young person you know whose career you could be helping fast-track?

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Employee Professional Development

Employees with strong business development skills make a business better. The more of the team that has those skills, the greater the positive impact on the company. This is especially true for companies actively looking to promote or give more responsibility to an employee or employees. A business consult with Pendragon Solutions helps provide those staff members with a better understanding of how all parts of a company work together. Investing in the professional development of employees is motivational and loyalty generating. It’s affordable, easy to book and fit into their schedule, targeted towards the individual and in a safe space that encourages employees to ask the questions they really want answered. As such it’s no surprise we have seen large numbers of small business owners and managers paying for their staff to work with us.