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Business Development Consulting and Coaching

Creative sessions to help launch your new business, give new direction to your current business or a different pair of eyes to look at the existing structure of your business. Clients can book a single one or two hour session or a series of sessions as regular touch points over weeks or months. This is not simple business coaching designed to help you improve your skills, this is next level hands-on business advice, guidance and problem solving where we work on your business together.

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Training & Study Skills

 “Fundamental business skills training for employees” 

The more business knowledge and skills the staff of a small company have, the better the business will perform. Pendragon Solutions provides Professional Development opportunities, through our “Fundamental business skills training for employees” training course.

We help you and your staff acquire the specific knowledge to improve your company’s performance. Business training is increasingly required in several industries to enhance employee development in areas such as technology, planning, client demographic, marketing and productivity, allowing the employee to then apply what they have learnt back to their job. This essential training course provides crucial understanding into how all parts of a business work together. Our training course is typically delivered to small private groups either in person or virtually. 

If you, or someone you know has an important exam or series of tests coming up, then let us help you or them work out how best to study for them. Whether it be professional or school exams, everyone’s circumstances are different, so the how, what, where and when your studying is done should be personalized too. 

The clear goal is to pass the test or exam, so we will look at what works best for you in the build-up to make it happen. We can look at creative ways to motivate you, offer you accountability check-ins and work on the little tweaks that can often make all the difference to help you succeed.

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Online Course

Whether you are interested investigating new business development ideas for your established company, wanting to hit the ground running with your Start Up business or even looking to get some insight as to whether you should actually start up a business, then Pendragon Solution’s online course Practical Business Development Strategies for Small Business is for you.

The course is 2 hours in length and is broken down into easy to follow bit size chapters with an accompanying checklist to highlight the key points. It covers topics ranging form marketing strategies, outsourcing, client demographic, market partner connections and staffing, to technology, location and budgeting. You can watch it as many times as you like, whenever and however fits into your busy schedule and at just $120 it is exceptional value. The course is packed with great advice, guidance and creative ideas and is also a great stepping stone to doing further private business development consulting with us should you wish. 

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Policy & Procedure Writing

An efficient small business is a successful small business and the key to getting your business running really smoothly, is having clearly defined and easy to follow policies and procedures in place for yourself, your employees and your company as a whole.

But as a busy business owner, do you have the time, energy or technical skills to create, develop or edit your policies (what you do) or procedures (how you do it)? That is where Pendragon Solutions can help by producing them for you!

Once in place you will enjoy the reduced time and effort spent training and developing your staff, who will then be able to work more independently and efficiently, You are also likely to be able to bid for contracts that were previously inaccessible to you and give you access to generous commercial insurance savings.

Efficiency Assessments (Lean)

Lean originated from Toyota; once a small Japanese based company which grew into one of the largest automotive manufacturers in the world today. Lean has proven to eliminate inefficiencies and non-value-added activities within an organization. Let us help you apply tools and techniques of Lean to develop, simplify and improve the way you run business operations today. From warehouses to offices, to trucks to computers; working with us will save your company significant amounts of time, effort and money. It can also improve staff moral, lower waste and reduce stress levels. Invest in efficiency improvements now and your business will reap the rewards for years to come.

health and safety

Health & Safety Consulting

Provincial Health & Safety (OH&S) inspections and COR / SECOR certifications are daunting for any small company. Avoid the stress and time it consumes by booking us to do a review of your safety program, or help you develop one. Our assessments are designed to discover what improvements need to be made and then we can help you implement the changes. From policy and procedure updates, to staff training on likely OHS inspector questions, we are highly trained and experienced in this area and can help you remain compliant through periodic checks on a timescale of your choice.


Business Development Consultations are $145 CAD an hour and are with Phil.

Business Development Consult packs (to be used within a 12 month period) are also available.

Choose from our available packages

3 Hour Pack

$400 CAD

6 Hour Pack

$780 CAD

10 Hour Pack

$1275 CAD

Efficiency Assessments (Lean) and Health and Safety or Quality Audit preparation are $130 CAD an hour and are with Kirsty.

Policy and Procedure reviews, updates and writing are $110 CAD an hour and are with Kirsty.

Online Course – Practical Business Development Strategies for Small Business is $120 CAD.

All sessions are a minimum of 1 hour.

Cancellation Policy

We ask that our clients provide us with 24 hours’ notice of the cancellation of any appointments. If less than 24 hours notice is given, there will be a $50 cancellation charge invoiced. A no-show appointment will also be subject to a $50 charge.