Pendragon Solutions Services

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Business Development Consulting


Creative sessions to help launch your new business, give new direction to your current business or a different pair of eyes to look at the existing structure of your business. Clients can book a single one or two hour session or a series of sessions as regular touch points over weeks or months. This is not business coaching (which is designed to help you improve your skills), we offer hands-on business advice, guidance and problem solving where we work on your business together.

Business Development Project Management


Have you identified a business Development Project you need done? Possibly following up on previous consulting sessions with Pendragon Solutions? But you don’t have the manpower, time or skill set to do it yourself. Are you not at the stage to hire a new permanent member of staff to run projects like this? Then contracting a short-term business development Project Manager to get it done is the solution. Whether it is a brand-building, brand awareness, advertising, marketing or even a sales-marketing project we have the skills and contacts to cover it.

Policy & Procedure Writing


You should be focused on running your business and elevating it to the next level. Do you have the time, energy or technical skills to create, develop or edit your existing business’s rules (what we do) or operations instructions (How we do it)? Having a clearly defined and well documented management system will have a huge impact on running your business efficiently and reduce the time you seem to spend training and developing your staff. They will be able to work independently by themselves, important information and knowledge is retained within the business. See how quickly we can help make your business work for you!

Lean Manufacturing Consulting

Lean originated from Toyota; once a small Japanese based company which grew into one of the largest automotive manufacturers in the world today. Lean is proven and practical method to eliminate inefficiencies and non-value-added activities within your organization. Let us help you apply tools and techniques of Lean to develop, simplify and improve the way you run business operations today.