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See how quickly we can help you make your business work for you by having clear and defined policies and procedures.
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Pendragon Solutions Ltd. - Business Development Consulting

Specializing in the Development of Small Businesses through Practical, Affordable Business Coaching.
Serving Edmonton, Red Deer, Calgary Alberta and Beyond.

Online Business Development Consultations are now available

We are currently available for in person meetings, on Zoom, or even as a voice phone call for our business coaching and business development sessions.

Text: 403-848-3859


Business Development Consulting

Give your business the push it needs to grow to the next level or start your new business. As a small business owner especially a solo entrepreneur, there are times when you just need a bit of advice. Someone to be a sounding board, to listen and offer some guidance to help you make the decisions you you need to move forward Pendragon Solutions can help. Phil is the trusted Business Advisor to many small businesses, there for them as and when they need him. 

training and study services red deer

Training & Study Skills

We offer professional development training for you and your staff. The training covers a variety of relevant topics. The more business knowledge and skills the staff in a small company have, the better the business will perform.

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Online Course

Like to work at your own pace? Need a really affordable alternative to get you started? Looking to shake loose some ideas to focus on in detail for your company prior to your personalized Business Development Consult? Then Pendragon’s flexible online course – Practical Business Development Strategies for Small Business is perfect for you!


Efficiency Assessments (Lean)

Find out how we can help you cut inefficiencies and help your business run more smoothly.

health and safety

Health & Safety

Avoid the stress and time it consumes by booking us to do a review of your safety program, or help you develop one.


Policy & Procedure Writing

Are you in need of policies and procedures written for your business to help train and develop your staff?

Let Us Help You Take Your Business

Where You Want It To Go!

Olivia Hoffman
Olivia Hoffman
As a first-time, 20-year old business owner, having someone in my corner to help me through all the hurtles and unknowns of business owning is huge. Phil has been a great support and an even greater mentor. His advice has been invaluable. I can't imagine getting where I am now without his help. I originally got his help because I had qualified for a grant that wanted me to fill out a detailed form of a business plan. Not only did Phil help me meet the requirements, he helped me think outside the text boxes and into how I can manage and grow my business better. I've met business contacts, I've improved my marketing, and I feel a lot more sure about where my future is headed. I can't express how grateful I am, and I can't wait to continue working with him.
Cobbs Clothing
Cobbs Clothing
Even after years of working with Phil and Kirsten I learned so much from their Practical Business Development Strategies For Small Business Course. Not only is the course affordable, it is also designed in short bite size lessons with specific strategy focuses and examples. It also is transferable across industries. I seriously had pages of notes for 2022!
jason stymiest
jason stymiest
I’ve had the pleasure of a couple of consults with Phil now. Each time he has brought something to the table that is very valuable to the growth of my business. He is very knowledgeable at what he does and I definitely recommend him to anyone who feels they need help whether it’s to fine tune or start from scratch to get your business to where you’d like it to be. Thanks so much for your help.
Cheryl Cherkowski
Cheryl Cherkowski
I have worked with Pendragon Solutions on several occasions and have greatly appreciated the insight that is given each time. They have definitely helped our business find solutions to different issues that have arisen and helped us think outside the box when we are being too focused on what is in front of us. I highly recommend Pendragon as you will gain a lot from the wisdom and insights from Phil and Kirsty to help your business grow.
Jason Calladine
Jason Calladine
I’m an experienced small business owner, new to the area. Phil is helping me establish a client and market partner base, as well as helping me build my brand visibility and recognition. Phil is easy to communicate with and is very knowledgeable. I high recommend his services.
Brenda Smith
Brenda Smith
Phil Duncan with Pendragon Solutions was a huge help with strategizing in ways to market my artwork through my company Studio Lusso. He is very strategic in providing me with different options to promote my art work not only in residences, but commercially as well. He not only provided me with an option plan, but also with verbiage to use while approaching different business's. He is also very well established in our community and has many connections that he has provided me with. The consult with Phil was one of the best decisions I have made in going forward with my art business. I will be booking with him again in the future.
T!mothy Hudec Company
T!mothy Hudec Company
I couldn't be happier with our decision to work with Pendragon, the energy that Phil brings to the table is infectious, the connections are second to none, and they answered questions we hadn't even thought of. We will be working with Phil for a long time to come.
Kim Slezinsky
Kim Slezinsky
I had Kirsty change some of my documents over to digital forms and I am so appreciative and thankful of the time spent doing this. She did a fantastic job and I am excited to get more done in the future. As a business owner, it made sense to have a professional take this on for me. I would highly recommend Phil and Kirsty to anyone needing ideas or help with streamlining their business!
Erika Fetterly
Erika Fetterly
Working with Phil has been amazing for my business. His strategic thinking and planning and way of asking the hard questions truly helps you dive deep and implement the things you put off or haven't yet thought of but need in your business. I own and operate multiple empowerment services businesses and Phil being completely on board for women's empowerment was a breath of fresh air! I recommend everyone have at least one meeting with Pendragon Solutions. He will open your eyes to the tools to develop your company in ways that will blow your mind; and when I say one meeting, I mean ongoing because you won't want to stop the growth! Thank you Phil!


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