Testimonial Thomas Lutz

I recently had to put together a 5 minute presentation for BNI. I was a bit nervous as it was my first time presenting, and I wanted to make sure I got my message right. It was suggested that I book a meeting with Phil Duncan at Pendragon Solutions for pointers on my presentation. I booked a meeting with Phil, and I proceeded to throw a bunch of ideas I had at him for him to think about in the meantime.When it came time for our meeting, which Phil was very flexible with, he was accommodating, listened to my ideas and helped steer me in the right direction. He was clear and easy to work with. I believe I owe a great deal of the success of my video presentation to his professional advice. Anyone giving a presentation should book a meeting with Phil, even if you have presented before.

Thank you,
Thomas Lutz
Sole Proprietor
Lutz Building Enterprises