Testimonial Pro-Tech Electrical

To: Phil Duncan – Pendragon Solutions

Pro-Tech Electrical incorporated in one of the most un-predictable, un-knowing, un-certain
times with visions to overcome and succeed as an electrical business in Central Alberta.
We were struggling to get the work we wanted so we went on a search to find ways to get our
name out to the public. A respected friend told us about a great networking group called BNI
networking and referred us to talk to Phil Duncan and his business Pendragon Solutions.
Phil invited me to join in on a meeting with his fellow BNI members with the intent that I would
see the value in the networking group and would join. He was 100% right; we applied to be
part of this amazing networking group and was accepted.

Shortly after speaking to Phil about our struggles with getting the work we wanted, we hired
Phil and Pendragon solutions to guide us through these rough times. Phil sat down with us and
instantly our meeting became very intense (in the most positive and important business meet
to this day!). His advice and guidance have improved performance and we made the necessary
changes to achieve success. We will continue to do business with Pendragon Solutions and I
highly recommend hiring them to help your business grow, improve, and make your goals real.
Pro-tech electrical has listened to Phil’s professional advice and we are now on the right path to
make our vision and goals become real.

Thank you to Phil Duncan at Pendragon solutions for showing us the way to better business

From: Pro-Tech Electrical