Being an entrepreneur can be a wonderful experience. It allows you to build a business that you love while being your own boss and ideally making your personal, business and financial dreams come true. But what happens when you feel stuck, overwhelmed or just not sure which way to turn… This can lead to a lonely, frustrated business owner. Should I quit my business, take on a partner, merge with another company? Do I have what it takes?


Entrepreneur Isolation is real, but you don’t have to be alone


Being an entrepreneur can be as difficult as it is exhilarating, and during those tough seasons, many business owners begin to feel the effects of entrepreneur isolation. A study done by Cigna Health Services found that ⅖ Americans feel isolated from others, and ¼ rarely feel like there is anyone who understands them. Entrepreneur loneliness and feelings of isolation are just as prevalent. According to the Self Employment Review, isolation is one of the biggest challenges that business owners face. You have friends without the business sense or enough details to give educated advice, and family members frustrated with money lost wanting explanations and assurances. Eventually, the opinions of well-meaning friends and family can become noise that just causes more confusion, and even entrepreneur depression.


Don’t fret. Instead, find a new perspective


But before you decide to put the brakes on the whole operation (or just have a meltdown in your car- which, by the way, we wouldn’t blame you for), there is another avenue that might be just what you need. As an entrepreneur, support is essential, whether you are a lawyer in Red Deer, or a florist in Edmonton. Most of the time what feels like a gigantic problem that you can not face, often only needs a new perspective to be corrected. A perspective from someone who does have the right business sense, and the experience to back it up.

Business owners and entrepreneurs are unable to see their own business for what it truly is because they are too close to the matter! They have lived and breathed it, created every little detail. In essence, they can’t “see the forest for the trees”. They need someone with a bird’s-eye view who can point out what’s invisible from the ground. Maybe you just need help to implement change like Change Management Beratung would assist with.


Help is on the way


What if we told you there was help? That someone could help you to see the problem for what it truly is, to see your business from a whole new angle, to open your mind to new opportunities and to see what you have previously been blind to?

What if you had someone to call when you needed a second opinion? Someone who is not a friend, relative or competitor. No guilt trip, no explanations necessary. Just a clear new mind with the goal to give you a helping hand out of an issue.

When problems arise, everyone has an opinion- but you need educated advice. You also don’t want your staff to know the struggles behind-the-scenes, so you need an outside perspective you can trust.

Business Development Consulting may be exactly what you need.